Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Imminent Demise of Hydra Head Records

Hydra Head Records has never been a smooth-running operation. We've spent the majority of our existence excitedly scrambling from one thing to the next, taking on more than we could ever possibly hope to achieve, and never quite finding solid footing in the midst of our self-induced whirlwind of chaos. Though not every second of doing this label has been enjoyable, it has been a very rewarding and meaningful project for me, and I hope for many of the other lives to which it has been directly connected. The fact that it has lasted close to two decades at this point is astonishing, and much has changed during that time - the lives of those directly involved with running the label, the bands and artists we've worked with, and the nature of the music industry itself. Though many of these changes have been positive, or at least illuminating, the impact of our history and current industry  circumstances are culminating into a slow and somewhat painful death for the label. It certainly isn't an entirely unforeseen event, but we didn't think it would come quite so abruptly, or (perhaps naively) ever.

The decision to pull the plug has not been an easy one, and in some ways is a not a choice at all.  The simple fact of the matter is we've been running on empty for a while now and cannot afford to keep our doors open for much longer. Years of imbalance between creative ideals and financial realities, personal problems amongst the label operators, an unwillingness to compromise our aesthetic standards, a tendency towards releasing challenging (i.e. unmarketable) artists, and the steady decline of the music industry in general, are amongst the chief reasons for our inability to continue. It is a harsh but undeniable reality, and one which we are attempting to confront with as much integrity and grace as is afforded by the circumstances.

For the short term we will continue to operate as we have been, effecting our first step into shutdown this December, at which point we are cutting off new releases from the label. Thereafter, we will be remain operational only in the interest of maintaining our back catalog, with the ultimate aim of repaying our rather sizable debts. Grim though this prospect is, in the midst of it all I still feel an extreme gratitude for everything that has happened and for all the wonderful people with which we've been involved over the years. We've been lucky enough to work with some of the most unique and provocative artists of the last two decades, many of which have made indelible impressions in the underground, and by extension the larger world of music in general. We've also been fortunate to have had the support of a small but loyal following, who've constituted the very essence of our life force. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and love to each and every person who contributed to making this label what it is - all the artists who entrusted us as the custodians of their work, all the people that bought or listened to our releases, and all the people who performed the various label duties at various offices (and houses) across the continent. 

...and this brings us to the present moment, where in all honesty we are in need of financial assistance from anyone and everyone who's willing to throw us a rope. Though it is highly unlikely we'll be able to resuscitate the label, we do wish to follow through on the final round of releases to which we're committed and pay off our debts to our artists and manufacturers. In order to do this we are initiating a massive sell-off of everything we can dig up and produce for the next 6-12 months. This will include discounted bundles of CDs/LPs/posters/etc, represses of certain titles for which we still have parts, test pressings, and whatever worthwhile items we can pull together. For anyone that is able and willing to fund our funereal arrangements please visit our direct mailorder or webstore and pick up whatever you can. Any and all support is greatly appreciated by our remaining team, and will be put to the best use possible.

There is no way to sum up nearly 20 years of incredibly important music, experiences, and evolution other than to say a big heart felt "thank you", and that we hope this closing will provide an opening into other even more positive and rewarding experiences for all of us and all of you who have been a part of our shared experience. For now we bid you all a very fond farewell....

-Aaron Turner


Beamer said...

It's been an insane run, and you guys should be damn proud.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this Aaron. Great run indeed.
You put together some amazing releases.
Good luck with your future projects.

Ken Cmar
Wonderdrug Records

Dan Evans said...

Hey Aaron, longtime fine of your music and the label, sorry to hear about this, I admire the remarkable group you've put together on HydraHead and will definitely be supporting the webstore.

Matt said...

words cannot express how much your record label and the artists you've helped develop and distribute have meant to me and so many of my friends. Hyrda Head is in a rare class of record labels that has remained consistently focussed on art, music, and people... pushing yourselves, your artists, and your audience forward with each release as though it were the sole purpose of the label. never compromising, always releasing some of the very best music for nearly 20 years.

I sincerely thank everyone at Hyrda Head for helping keep music artistic, expressive, and adventurous for as long as you have.

Anonymous said...

Do a kickstarter campaign, there is so much love for this label, I'm sure you could raise enough to go out in style, if not enough to somehow stay afloat.

Richard maynard shtoops78@hotmail.com said...

this is awful news, HH not only released so many of my favourite albums, it released albums that changed me for the better, between you and Gravity and Vermiform you helped give me a soundtrack to some of the happiest times of my life. I didn't love EVERYTHING you put out but seeing the HydraHead logo on the often super-splendid packaging was a mark that this release would be pretty fucking stellar. I wish you the best - thank you for the music and for fighting the good fight. I love you long time.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, sincerest apologies on having to shut down. It was always amazing to work with you guys and hang out when possible at fests etc. All the best and glad to hear the catalog will survive!

Andrew Sample (ex-Century Media, Nuclear Blast)

DeskLazer said...

agreed with a comment above. I think you have enough people who would kickstarter to help alleviate some of your debts or stay afloat a little while longer.

it's been a pleasure listening to the albums you've put out, seeing bands on tour, and even interviewing you, Aaron. this label has a lot to do with who I am today, and I think enough people would want to keep you guys alive for always being on the cutting edge of releasing material that wasn't quite marketable, but still deep and fantastic.

if this is the end, thank you for everything. our only wish is for more labels to do what you've done and push the boundaries. big shoes to fill.

Jeff J Jawk said...

The saddest day.

Jeff J Jawk said...
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Adam Lee Bartlett said...

Gilead Media would not exist without Hydra Head, bottom line. Essentially every band that was integral to the evolution in my musical tastes growing up was a Hydra Head artist.

Thank you, endlessly. For all the Hydra Head team has done. You've been such a huge force in putting me where I am today, a life where essentially every decision leading up to this point was guided by my passion for music. Jobs I've taken, starting this label, dedicating my life to a variety of projects that coincide with the DIY ethic, alternative music and art culture.

- Adam Bartlett, Gilead Media. Hydra Head fan since I saw Botch in Milwaukee on their "Romans" tour. I was 16 or 17 years old. Life changing.

Tyler Hunt said...

Wow... this is terrible news. Best of luck in the future Aaron.

David Hall said...

this sucks! hydra head put out some of my favorite records. hope you find peace in the decision to end things.

Shawn said...

I've looked up to Hydra Head as a great label for years now. They have been a huge inspiration to me, between the bands and the high quality of everything you put out. I even had the great chance of working directly with you on one of my releases (my second!) and that was a thrill of a lifetime for me. Thanks so much for everything. Cave In and Botch are responsible for my breakthrough into extreme music, and it's great to know that you guys have supported this style for so many years. Cheers!!!
-Shawn Sambol, Antithetic Records

googunhine said...

I'm getting teary-eyed from reading this! This is sad news, but at the same time a very ominous indicator of the future of the music industry. If Hydra Head can't thrive, no one can! D;

Anonymous said...

This really makes me sad, being a long time supporter and lover of this label and its output. As one posted earlier...kickstart hydrahead! Either way best of luck to all involved at HH and <3 Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Hydrahead was huge for me when I was 14-15 and discovering heavy music for the first time; I mailordered almost every release from you because they were all great and you took cash through the mail (!). I'm 30 now. What an amazing run. I've been touring for 10 years now with a band that basically started because Hydrahead's releases were so crucial and inspiring.

(Adam, I saw Botch on that same tour, and it changed my life too.)

Aaron, also wanted to say thanks for this eulogy -- for your honesty and thoughtfulness. You're a good writer and a real intellect and yet still a really classy, friendly person. I only met you once but was impressed at how you related to people around you, both people you knew and people you didn't. I think it's pretty rare for someone to be as artistically influential as you have been and still remain grounded, accessible, and human. Best wishes with whatever is next.

Nix42 said...

This news guts me - THANK you for being a bright spot in the backasswards music industry for the last two decades. When I wrote for a (sadly now also defunct) music website years ago, the Hydra Head roster was a go-to source of forward-thinking, progressive music. Your work and efforts will not be long forgotten.
A Fellow Obsessed Music Lover,
Chris Hodge

HG said...

I'm not part of your dedicated following, but I have purchased a few HHR albums over the years.

Above all else, thank you for having the balls to do what you did. You played a great part in the careers of bands I now love.

Chris said...

To the HH Crew -

You guys (and your distribution) have been amazingly nice over the years. HHR was my #1 above all of the other labels, and it was undoubtedly instrumental in forming my musical tastes as I grew up into the extreme metalhead that I am now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best of luck in everything you guys go to do in the future!

Anonymous said...

I'm really, really sorry to hear / read this. I know how hard things can be as a label... I'll never forget walking into to the HH office at Innitech years and years ago and being blown away by the aesthetics of all the releases. Thanks for being an important part of underground culture. Johan / reflections records

Hank said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reissue your best titles at a REASONABLE price. I'll buy 'em all. I'm a vinyl only guy, and I consistently have to pass up your releases because they are over priced. I realize vinyl is expensive to produce, but I think if your list prices were about 70% what they currently are you'd sell easily double the amount of copies. Look at Southern Lord. 2xLPs are generally 18.95. Many of your single LPs are 24.95. It's why I passed up the last Botch reissue, the last Harvey Milk LP. Luckily I'm pals with the Torche guys and got Songs for Singles on tour from them. Put out the Botch LPs, the Old Man Gloom LPs, the Harvey Milk LPs, all the Jesu LPs and I'll buy them all if they are reasonably priced. Our store even had to stop stocking your releases because they list price was too high.

Anonymous said...

The music put out by Hydra Head Records made my high school experience a million times better and more tolerable. I remember sneaking into the computer lab at school and buying new albums the day they came out, waiting by the mailbox to get them, and being so excited to finally listen to what are still some of my favorite albums ever. Sorry to hear you are closing up shop, but I hope you know that I'll always be grateful for putting out the music that I now feel is part of my own personal identity and got me through the more angsty parts of my life. So, a big THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK to you from me, my man.

-Nick in NYC

Clark Benson said...

Aaron, really sorry to hear it. If I didn't have my own cash tied up in my startup Ranker I would definitely consider investing.

Anonymous said...



Matt said...

Sorry man. Here's a poor, but heartfelt eulogy.

Anonymous said...

KICKSTARTER!!!!! Seriously... you can pay off the debts and close the label nicely or potentially even carry on! I would gladly pay more for a package deal because of how the label has enriched my life in the past.

Simone Archer said...

From across the pond- Thank you for being an integral part of my musical education and feeding my record addiction for the past 10 years. It is a sad day, and the panic has just set in... 'where will we turn!?'

All the luck in the world. Will try to assist in clearing back catalogue/debt's as much as possible.

Simone x

Jeff said...

Great job Aaron you did a wonderful job. The CDs were always packaged beautifully and the music was always interesting and fully rocked my skull!!!! Big Business "here come the waterworks" and Toche "Meanderthal" were personal faves

kill all thieves said...

"We're your biggest supporters" BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Maybe if some of you jackasses actually paid for your music these days, this wouldn't be happening. Keep downloading, you spoiled little fucks.

Anonymous said...

Sad Panda I am

I Heart Noise said...

Thank you for all the excellent music that you released throughout years.

Danny said...

So many incredible albums. Do an indiegogo campaign. People wanna help you. I wanna buy some fucking vinyl! Will you sell them out of your office in LA?

putmeinacoma said...

Thanks for everything, you've provided the soundtrack to a large portion of my life yada yada... fuck, I can't think right now this has me so bummed. ordering from RTK in moments...


James said...

Definitely sad news. I've pretty much always loved metal, but at 14 and 15, listening to H.H. releases really opened my mind to what this beautiful genre of music could produce. The artists pushed the boundaries of concept, art, and sound, and it is something I'll never forget.

Whatever you do next I wish you only the best.

ghc said...

First of all, thank you Hydra Head. I have been listening your releases for countless hours. It has been a great pleasure. And I will continue to enjoy them in future, just a little downhearted because an era has ended.

I'd like to help you even a little bit but I don't personally need a lot more albums or other stuff, though they are certainly worth their price. As suggested earlier, a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign might be helpful. I believe you could raise reasonable amount of money. Or at least put a Donate-button (from PayPal or similar) so you could have some additional income. Anyhow, I really hope that you can at least break even.

Of course I hope you could continue, but it's perfectly understandable if you wish to move on to do other things. And remember, you already did great. All the best and farewell.

Dave. said...

Wow. This is a real bummer. Thanks for everything guys.

Aaron said...

Sorry to hear, thanks for the music. I just made a purchase, hope it helps.

mcs said...

I used to phone up Aaron in the mid-late 90s and reserve records on the phone, then send cash in an envelope. The dude and the records were always top notch. It was interesting watching the label grow & expand over the years. I am both shocked and saddened to see it end like this. I figured things were going real well considering that for the past five years or so I haven't actually been able to get any of your records because they sell out so damn fast!
Anyway, I would be delighted to support you financially by means of purchasing a Piebald 'when life hands you lemons' test or in fact any / all Cave In tests.
Thanks for the great records, music, shows & memories. And best of luck with whatever comes next.

marcus andrews
united kingdom

Steingerd said...

Hi Guys

I'm incredibly saddened by this news and cant add much more than what has already been said, but please please do consider a Kickstarter campaign so that the world can continue to experience your incredible catalogue.

kev417 said...

Very sad news indeed, HH releases always represented a sign of quality to me and I'm always happy to see them in stores and am very proud and happy with my collection of HH cd's and vinyls. Hope you guys manage to pull through!

Anonymous said...

Kickstarter! You guys would easily make enough to pay your debts, and maybe keep your doors open a bit longer.

Elliott Stone said...

This is heart breaking. Aaron, and to everyone else who made this label possible, I thank you. You guys showed me that good music was still out there. I appreciate all you've done for the music industry, and all the good you brought into my life. Godspeed.

Matt Azevedo said...

The albums I mastered for Hydra Head were all fantastic experience. It was a privilege to have been able to work with you.

Trevor Leach said...

So many Hydra Head releases and bands have had a profound and meaningful impact on both my musical evolution and life, and continue to inspire me years later. I will never forget bands like Isis, Cave In, Botch, Discordance Axis, Converge, Kayo Dot (the list goes on), whose discovery was facilitated by this label's hard work and persistence. A very sad day indeed...

eroc eaton said...

sad, sad news.

nooirax producciones said...

Thanks to you for everything you do. I was following form start and I was make my own label because you exists. Sincerely, thanks

drewmdodge said...

I don't feel I can add much to what has already been said...

Aaron, thanks very much to you and your colleagues for all the hard work...and for sharing so much. I have always admired Hydra Head and its dedication to quality art and the support of the artists who created it.

The music I have found through HH has been very special to me, in no small part because I felt I was contributing to (or at least appreciating) its creation by purchasing instead of stealing it.

This ship may be sinking, but I am nonetheless proud that I had a chance to sail on it, even if only as a passenger.

Thank you again.

Peter Davis said...

Wow, what a tremendous loss. Thanks for your considerable contributions to underground music all these years. I'd throw what I could your way beyond these well intended yet ultimately hollow words if I weren't in much the same boat, having to have had to shut down the print side of Your Flesh so many years ago now, so for what it may or may not be worth you at least have my sympathy and gratitude.

With kind and sincere regards,

The Path Less Traveled Records said...

Sad to hear. I still have my business plan that I wrote 4 or 5 years ago and there's a section about others in the industry and how they operate, and I have Hydra Head as my example.

Your label has been a large influence on many, including those of us crazy enough to spend insane amounts of money to put out a record that only 30 people purchase.

Thanks for the inspiration.

CDN said...

+1 to Kickstarter!
Your releases changed my life without a doubt, multiple times. Isis, Botch, Mare, Cave In, etc... The list of artists under the Hydra Head name that have captivated and seriously influenced me over the years just goes on and on. The Mare LP is one of my most prized possessions!
Take care, Aaron and company.

Keith Brammer said...

Damn, man. So sorry to hear this. It's happened to far too many of my other friends. Hope everything works out for you guys personally.

Andy Dalton said...

This is super sad to hear. I would love to support and buy some vinyl, but everything I want is sold out =/

Any chance you have these laying around on vinyl? I'd rather my $$ go straight to Hydra Head opposed to ebay.

Cave In - Jupiter
Cave In - Antenna
Daughters - Hell Songs
Daughters - Canada Songs
Daughters - Daughters
Isis - Oceanic
Isis - Panopticon


AndyT said...

If I may be so bold good sirs, a Top Ten of memory fragments from days at the Initech Boston offices on Boylston St. (long since demolished and topped with luxury condos)

10. Merzbow hoodies upstairs, Ten Yard Fight shirts downstairs, everyone amicably sharing a fax machine
9. Moray eel in a jar mailed in by The Austerity Program
8. Stack of Cattlepress CDs propping up the Internet router
7. Weird beards before they were the industry standard, perhaps most notably that of one J. Hellmann
6. Dangerous amounts of Indian buffet
5. post-buffet, Aaron shooting saag paneer out his nose laughing at his Crank Yankers CD
4. Hauling bags full of promos to the post office the week before X-Mas with Mark's credit card and no clue about customs forms
3. Aaron's Mom delivering cookies and being really stoked about new Old Man Gloom vinyl and showing us pictures of Aaron in formal attire
2. Someone sticking their head in the office and asking "Didn't you guys put out a record that makes you poop?"

1. Hearing Botch, Harkonen, Burning Witch, Sunn0))), Craw, Keelhaul, Cavity, DxAx and so on for the first time yes... but also observing a group of like-minded miscreants blazing their own trails, figuring shit out, making connections, starting projects and side-projects, making music and records on their own terms and reaching people all over the planet. Ah, youth. True record labels are a perhaps dying and often thankless art form indeed, sadly, but hopefully those who get it will carry on in the future.

Seriously, much gratitude and inspiration back at ya Aaron & Co. All the best to everyone in their future endeavors and lives.

Andy T
Hydra Head Lackey 2002-3

Krist said...

I won a old man gloom test press through decibel years ago. It's one of my hands down most prized possessions, and i'm a big nerd/ collector so that says a lot. Last night my roof leaked and the only thing that was damaged was that record, in a record frame, and it fell from the wall and cracked. crazy timing.

Anonymous said...

Sad, sad news indeed. You guys have been at the forefront for everything weird and heavy since I've been into things weird and heavy. It pains me t see you go.

Any chance for a Best-of-HHR compilation? I would pay a shitload for one if it meant helping you guys out.

Anonymous said...

I know I'd buy Botch We are the Romans if you repressed it onto Vinyl. I just bought a Botch T-shirt.
Good luck

Brian Skipworth said...

"All good things must come to an end, but the bad ones seem to take their time......."

Not in this case, you had an impressive and length-y run, particularly for an organization that both operated and represented itself with genuinely un-hyped, crowd-level integrity.

All the suggestions of a Kickstarter campaign may be on to something. You have the support. You have my support.

Thank you. A thousand times, thank you.

Rubeus Barbacuprum said...

This has got to be the worst news of the day. Really sorry to hear you guys are leaving the scene, Hydra Head has released some of the best and most influential music of all times. In the near future, if I win a lottery or sth, I will make sure you guys do make a grandiose return :)
Whatever happens from this point on, I wish you guys the best on your journey, and hope that luck will be on your side, always!

andrewrockwell said...

Kudos for being awesome. I would love to support to label by buying The Fire In Our Throats and New Distances but they are out of stock :( Wouldn't mind making a donation even!

nickteplov said...

I know, that plenty of people worldwide would love to support you through kind of Kickstarter campaign.

Anonymous said...

So Sad...Your achievments were always an inspiration for me and a whole bunch of musicians I know here in France. Good Luck for what comes next.
Joe from Paris

Paul said...

Very sad news indeed :( Thanks for all the awesome work, it really has meant a lot.

B A S T A R D I S E R said...

thanks for all the great, inspirational music and design. hhr (& your design ethos, aaron) has changed my music-minded life these last 6 or 7 years. this has put a pretty grim downer on my day, but all the solid releases and artwork/packaging is enough to keep me smiling for a lifetime.

godspeed hhr. long live sige.

rory / man the ramparts records

Simon said...

I've seen a number of bands on your label over the years and can't say I've ever not liked anything I've heard by you guys.
Highlights for me are more recently, the new Old Man Gloom album, seeing Knut play here in Birmingham, UK a few years ago, as well as seeing bands like Isis, Cave-In and Jesu play on multiple occasions and of course Cave-In's (for me) absolute classic record "Jupiter" and Pelican's amazing "Australasia".

Just looking through your roster and you can't help but smile at such an amazing selection of bands:

27, Big Business, Botch, Cave In, Converge, Daughters, Drowningman, Isis, Jesu, Keelhaul, Knut, Logh, Old Man Gloom, Oxbow, Pelican, These Arms are Snakes, Torche

Be proud guys.

Paul Christiansen said...

Thanks for all the great music, guys. I hope you can continue in one form or another, but if not, you leave an amazing legacy. You will be missed.

Tony Maim said...

Sad news, in this world of generic shit, you made a difference.

A-Dring dring said...

Gutted to hear those sad news, but also thankful of those years of hard work and quality stuff that has came out from HH that are life defining.
I've been a hard Euro follower of your label
> Most of the bands below I've seen them live aswell mostly in the Geneva Area where rare HH has always been present in the early 2000s the best gig years of my life EVER !!!

robert said...

Y'all still owe me a record sleeve from Oceanic clear vinyl pressing. Remember when you guys had run out of supplies? Probably not, given how much amazing shite that you all have worked on getting out. Sorry to see Hydrahead go, but looking forward to hearing more of your music, Turner. I will covet my Hydrahead records now.

--Robert, from Occupy ATL

Dave said...

I cant imagine how difficulty is to reach the point where keep doing what you do no longer seems an option. I wish you guys the best. The work you did was an inspiration, a breath of fresh air. I dont know how you guys feel about kickstarting, probably after all this seems ridiculous to even try again to give new energy to the label, yet is worth to try it. You have my complete support.

Ryan said...

Most influential, inspirational and progressive label in my life. Thank you, SO much for your commitment to releasing the music you have. My life would not be the same, I wouldn't feel as at peace without knowing the music from hydra head. It'd be harder to know the world, myself and my music with out it, I am sure. Good luck on the next step.

Anonymous said...

Shame about the mugs, always a sign of a great label when you can buy mugs from them.

Anonymous said...

that slapshot 2xlp you put out totally blew my mind. may your future endeavours grow like jocks on steroids.

Jimmy Oddman said...

I cannot express in a few bunch of words how important the hydrahead label has been for the enrichment and shaping of the musical aspects of my personality, both as a listener and a musician. Throughout the 00's, it has been among the 2-3 labels that really changed/refined my view over the "hard" (metal,hardcore,rock,whatever)- sounding music, and I've discovered such great bands via your label!!!

I want to say a HUGE,big fat THANK YOU to Aaron,and all you people in this label,for raising the standards, helping such bands come out of the shade and helping us listen to exciting music,which is what matters most in the end of the day.

Thank you Hydrahead
All the best in your future endeavors!!!

moving help in tri-cities wa said...

nice work

Anonymous said...

HH: Did not know of u till now, but greatly respect u and your team as we know what a challenge it is with great art that has a limited market. Listening now to the brilliant Split Cranium sounds.
Maybe do the kickstarter 2 wind down or regroup. Regardless, respectfully RIP.

Munther said...

Truly sad news. Hydra Head, and Tortuga as well, were responsible for some of the finest music I had the pleasure of discovering those last 10 years: Botch, Old Man Gloom, 5ive, Pelican, Jesu, Big Business, Helms Alee and the list goes on and on..

I hope its not a final decision, but if it is then thank you guys, you will be missed. Cheers.

Munther said...

Truly sad news indeed. Hydra Head, and Tourtuga as well, have been responsible for some of the finest music that I had the pleasure of discovering those last 10 years: Botch, 5ive, OMG, Pelican, Jesu, Big Business, Oxbow, Helms Alee and the list goes on and on.

I hope this is not a final decision, but if it is then thank you guys, you will be truly missed. Best of luck, cheers.

montediaz said...


Anonymous said...

This is very sad news...

Thanks for all these years of work and dedication. Truly appreciated.

We will miss you.

H. (Spain)

hgh said...

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SinVin said...

Thank you from the bottom of my soul for all the influential sounds you provided. Truly an iconic part of my evolution as a human. Godspeed...

Anonymous said...

My heart genuinely hurts for you.Hydrahead has been a label with such top tier product that I will generally buy a record without even hearing it simply because it says hydrahead.That being said,you are truly an artist on every sense of the word,and the influence of you on me as a musician ,not to mention the vision of the label, has had a profound influence on the way I view music as an artistic expression.So to make a long story short,thank you,sincerely for your integrity in this medium.Now I just need a hydrahead coffee mug.

Evan said...

This is incredibly sad news. The label's introduced me to some of the most amazing bands I've ever had the pleasure of hearing / seeing live. Massively inspirational on so many levels so a huge heartfelt thank you to Aaron and all the Hydrahead team.

BurningRedBeard said...

Thank you for putting out awesome artists that would not get exposure if it wasn't for you! The Hydra Head insignia was always something I looked for and will continue to look for when buying a new cd at my local record store. I know this is not the end, but a rough patch. Keep the good fight going! Much love for everything you do!!!!

hgh said...

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Anonymous said...

I would think not paying your bands for all their work would have always helped your financials. But i guess not lol. Art is not free!! Boycott HydraHead!! Im glad karma has come around, as it should!

Deseo said...

Really Great music you guys make! You rock!
Edle Stalltafeln für Reiter und
Pferdebesitzer sowie tolle
Geschenkideen für Reiter
. Wer Pferde mag, wird Equimea lieben. ;)

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xMiguelx said...

I pretty much had tears in my eyes after reading about this and felt as if someone had punched me in the belly. I recall spending hours upon hours bullshitting around looking at various merchandise from the now defunct Lumberjack Distro back in the day and one of the labels I browsed the most was Hydra Head Records.

Hydra Head always had some of the best records and whenever I saw the label on the back of an LP or CD, this alone made me want to buy the record knowing that if it was on Hydra Head, it was probably a fucking wicked release.

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John Paul Robertson said...

This makes me sad that your closing Hydra Head :( I really enjoy the music you guys put out. I'm working on securing a warehouse in North Sacramento to start up a small independent venue and record distribution chain ABSENT MONK RECORDINGS, I was inspired by your work Aaron and Ian's Dischord Records to start this up and although I may not even stand a chance at breaking the ice with selling anything, I'm at least going to try and continue to support you guys through shows and word of mouth. Keep writing good music.



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